Our "Award Winning and Visionary Technology Team"

Mark Richter

“Award Winning Designer”

Project Management Consultant to the Pool Industry

Pool Pro Office

Unique Marketing Concepts

  • Mark Richter brings 28 years of experience designing pools, sales management and forward thinking sales and technology solutions to the pool industry.
  • 80+ industry regional and International design awards
  • Sales manager for 3 top 50 pool builders.
  • Member of APSP
  • Founding member in P.A.C.E. Advisory Committee
  • Pool Genius Network advisor on project management

Gerard Beutler

FileMaker Developer and Consultant since 1998
Member of FileMaker Business Alliance
Developer of:

  • Pool Pro Office
  • Project Pro Office
  • Construction Pro Office
  • Perfect Project Pricing

Other FileMaker Development:

  • HVAC contractor with multiple offices and over 35 field service vehicles.
  • High tech manufacture of devices used in railroad transportation.
  • K-12 solutions involving after school daycare, student evaluation and web visitation reporting.

User of computer technology for 40 years.

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