The best, done better

The customized Pool Pro Office system based on FileMaker solutions has helped the pool company build a thriving business by doing things a little differently. The solution is helping the company do what it does best even better.

Management and owners, too, are seeing the benefits because they can run reports and glimpse what is happening company-wide, in-real time, which is extremely beneficial considering the number of jobs in progress daily.

Customer satisfaction is job one for Klapprodt, but there’s also no substitute for return on investment. The FileMaker Platform based Pool Pro Office solution paid for itself in a few short months, based only on the savings from the recurring payments that are no longer being made on the outsourced lead and service management systems. This translates into tens of thousands in savings annually that can be funneled into a growing business now capable of building and maintaining more pools.

“We are genuinely excited about the benefits this new solution provides to our company,” says Klapprodt. “We have been able to maintain better accountability, and we appreciate the overall cultural change. Because we have so many things happening all at once, we can stay on top of it all, remotely and in real-time.”

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